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Re-sell Program Details

This is a program that allows reselling according to the usage period and condition

of the products purchased in KLONECT shop.

(Currently, the Resell is only available in Singapore)

Program Process

Program Detail 

  1. Seller make sure product is clean and close to original condition


  • - Only products that have been purchased within 3 months are eligible for re-sell

    - Event Products, products from our 'Re-buy' catalog  cannot be re-sold. For now, some of our products in the Clothing category are available to resell.

  2. Seller Fill out re-sell request form   CLICK  


  • - To re-sell, seller must fill out a form before shipping to our local office in Singapore. The re-seller pays local postage fee

   3. KLONECT confirm re-sell form  request 


  • - After reviewing the form, klonect will send an email with the additional guide about where to send, how to pack, etc.

 4. Seller ship product to our local office   


 5. KLONECT inspects product and sets cash back amount 

  • - The exact re-sell amount will be set once our QA(quality insurance) team inspects the product.
  • - Depending on the condition ​of the product, price will be set. seller will receive notification of the price, and has choice to accept the amount set by klonect , or reject the re- sell amount and receive the product back. Decision must be made within 5 days. 

 6. Seller  confirm price of sale or request product to be shipped back 


  • - If you decide to re-sell, Klonek will request your account information. 

  • if you decide to receive the product, klonect will ship back to you via normal post, free of charge. However, if you would like the tracking service, fee will be $2. ​

Percentage of retail by period